Dashing Ascots for Your Groomsmen and Groom from Ceravelo

Alternative groomsmen ascots of various colors, styles and patterns.

Blame it on too much Rachel Zoe and her Rodger stylings but I’m starting to have a real hankering for a man in an ascot. It looks pulled together yet still avant garde; dashing but still very modern. And for a wedding? Ba.Na.Nas. (Oh, I didn’t mention that Sarah and I have a wee bit of an addiction? ‘Cause we do.)

Well, some things are just meant to be and the other day when I was out running (yes, like the out-of-breath kind) I happened upon a street fair and, lo and behold, there was ascot upon glorious ascot. Ceravelo, a just launched brand out of San Francisco, has taken the classic look of the dashing gentleman and added a twist. Using repurposed materials to create their one-of-a-kind designs, they are turning the lesser known accessory into the moniker of good taste.

Make sure to stop by their site where they have tons more one-off options (plus a handy tutorial on how to tie an ascot). Or if you’d prefer a more streamlined look, they can do that too. Because wouldn’t it be cool to have all of your groomsmen in one style and then your groom in his own? Oh, I die.

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