Delicious Alcohol-Free Drinks

Maybe your venue doesn’t allow alcohol or maybe you just roll booze-free. But either way, we’ve got you covered with some absolutely delicious mocktail recipes. The Peach Queen (above) is a tasty concoction of orange juice, ginger ale, and peaches.

A virgin take on a grapefruit mojito, this tangy beverage is sweetened with agave syrup.

What’s that enticing deep pink drink? It’s Jamaica, a cold-brewed hibiscus iced tea spiced with cinnamon.

If you want something completely different from the usual mocktails, serve a Serrano Fizz. This biting creation is flavored with Serrano peppers and apple.

Created as a fun alcohol-free holiday treat (but can definitely be enjoyed year round), this Cranberry, Rosemary and Cream Soda mocktail has a kick of tangerine juice and plenty of flavor!

If you just want to keep it simple, but festive, try this Nectarine and Basil Iced Tea. Delish!


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