Details for a Foodie Wedding

If you and your fiance love good food (whether it is in the finest restaurant or cooked at home) more than just about anything else, perhaps you should consider a foodie-themed wedding. Start off with an invitation featuring your favorite ingredients, such as this lovely herbal suite (above).

For your centerpieces, clear your shelves of all of your favorite cookbooks. Use them in stacks under floral arrangements or lined up at the guest book table. Instead of a traditional guest book, put out recipe cards (below) for your friends and family to leave their best recipes and kitchen secrets.

For your menu, pick your favorite dishes and elevate them. Such as with this example above, just think about all of the good memories you’ll have every time you order short ribs and mashed potatoes.

Paint the perfect restaurant atmosphere with utilitarian silverware and foodie-inspired napkins. And of course, at this wedding traditional candy favors just won’t do. Instead, treat them to bags of gourmet sea salt.


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