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Fragrant Winter Bouquet

Consider making this romantic, fragrant bouquet for a winter wedding. It’s pretty easy to make (even with no floral experience!) and the cost comes in around $45.

Flower recipe:

8 purple ranunculus (some buds and some open)

3 white ranunculus (some buds and some open)

3 white hyacinth in full bloom

3 stems of greenery( jasmine or salal will work)

8 stems of vining jasmine

2 stems of snowdrops















1. Clean off the leaves from the bottom half of the stems.

2. Soak the flowers in water overnight or at least for a few hours before making your bouquet. Cold water works great for flowers like hyacinth or other bulbs.

3. Make sure you use clean clipper and buckets.

4. When ready to make your bouquet, take one stem of hyacinth, and two ranunculus and hold in one hand.

5. Add small bunches of flowers and greens. Turn the bouquet after you add each bunch.

6. Add bunches of jasmine to one edge and one other spot in the back.

7. Let some of the jasmine vines hang down into the stems.

8. Make any adjustments and if you need to add anything just add it and then secure with another piece of twine.

9. Place in a vase and add a ribbon over the twine the morning of the wedding.


This arrangement has leaves where the stems are, so you’ll want to make it the night before or morning of. Keep in the fridge! Most of these flowers are available November-May. Remember, this is nature, so give or take a few on the recipe! Different flowers will be different sizes and you may need a few more or a few less. You may need to buy plants of jasmine and snowdrops as sometimes they can be difficult to find as cut flowers.

Buy it:

Any of the florists in the directory can help you!

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