DIY Project: Vegetable Starts Wedding Favors from Chelsea at Frolic!


For a spring or summertime wedding, consider giving these vegetable starts as gifts to your guests! You can start them from seed a few months early to save extra money, or simply buy the starts in bulk. The cost is approximately .75 per favor!


trays of vegetable starts

peat pots

popsicle sticks or plant markers





1. Put some gravel in the bottom of the pot.

2. Plant each vegetable start in a peat pot.

3. Write each guest’s name on the plant marker.

4. Display as centerpieces, at each place setting, or at your entrance table as escort cards (include the guest’s table number).



Save money by starting the vegetable from seed!

Buy it:

Any of the florists or wedding planners in the directory can help you!

Oh, how we love Frolic! Chelsea’s daily inspiration blog is always chock-full of pretty ideas that feel effortless and chic. So, we’re so happy that she is posting DIY projects that are easy to do while packing a big punch.

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