Don’t Play YMCA!

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Take it from someone who attends weddings on a weekly basis, your DJ may try to play “YMCA” and other severely outdated moldy oldies! If you have had enough of songs like “Brick House,” “We Are Family,” and “Love Shack” than I suggest a detailed music consultation with the Disc Jockey you are considering to oversee your event. This will save you a lot of grief when you hit the dance floor.

When hiring a DJ, thoroughly interview him/her before making any decisions. Ask him/her what type of music he/she typically plays at a wedding reception. If the DJ says the music choices depend on your taste and preference, this is a great sign! Hiring someone that can understand your style will make your wedding unique and fit your personality. Think of it as creating the soundtrack of your wedding. Since music is going to create and propel the mood and emotion of your entire day, choosing great music should be as important as choosing colors and flowers. If you are looking to create a unique musical background for your day than you really want a musical professional on your side, not just a guy who can play songs from an iPod.

Many disc jockeys allow their clients to create a Do Play/Don’t Play list. This guarantees that the songs you want to avoid will be blacklisted and the music you want to hear will definitely be played. Be careful if the DJ you are interviewing does not mention this option or he appears reluctant when you suggested it. I have witnessed too many brides become frustrated on their wedding day because either their requested music wasn’t being played or because DJ Disco decided that a string of “the classics” would get all of the guests on the dance floor. Once you are in the middle of your party, the last thing you want to do is approach the DJ with complaints. After you prepare your lists, sit down with your DJ and allow him to give suggestions for what music would be classified under dinner or dance music.

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Another important element to consider is whether or not your DJ is a true musician. If you are looking for someone who can mix beats for your reception than you want a DJ who doesn’t just push play off a song list but has some experience inventing and mixing music. Hiring a musician that can DJ can make all the difference in creating a wedding soundtrack that is completely unique to you and your spouse-to-be. Not only will they play the tunes that are guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, but they will play them in an order, mix, and blend that will keep you there until the very last song. A DJ that can flawlessly guide an event smoothly from beginning to end is truly talented and greatly desired for your wedding.

Finally, it is a good idea to decide beforehand what kind of personality you want your DJ to assume. Do you want a traditional wedding personality who cracks jokes and talks in between most songs? Or do you want someone who smoothly runs the events of the reception without asserting his personality over the music? When you interview your DJ ask questions to aid in determining what kind of MC he will be. Hiring a DJ can make or break the atmosphere and flow of your reception so it is important for you to know exactly what style of DJ you are looking for.

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