An Easy Table Card Display from Chelsea at Frolic!

This table card display is fresh and modern and so easy to make!
tulip-place-card-display-cards-wire-clothespinsTotal cost: $20.

Supplies:display-supplies-tulip-clothespins-cards-wireGarden fencing or trellis from a home store.
Mini clothespins
White tags
Colored art pens
Cut flowers (optional)
Fishline or heavy duty string or ribbon.

tags-names-placecards-wire-flower1. Estimate about how much fencing you will need and cut a section with wire cutters.
2. Write names and table numbers in different colors on tags.
3. Hang wire display with fishline, rope or ribbon.

tulips-clothespins-display-cards-wire4. Clip all the names on and flowers too, if you like.

Voilà! An easy to make, place card display that is light enough to hang at different spots around your reception.


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