Eco-friendly Heart Plugs from Omerica

heart-wood-red-wood-omericaOmerica is one of those companies where the more you look into it, the cooler it is. Not only are they super eco-friendly (on average, they plant 700 trees for every one they use) but their products are all-organic, completely handmade in Denver and, oh yeah, their stuff totally rocks.

I mean, look at how adorable these plugs are! (Can you call plugs adorable? Pretty certain the miniscule amount of street cred I thought I had is now totally toast.)

love-heart-wood-plug-omericaThey’d be perfect for a wedding, don’t you think? And the best part is that Omerica will custom make you a pair if you’re in between sizes. Plus, they’re lightweight, all-natural and they have a bunch of different woods to choose from (they don’t use varnish either, instead they use a natural beeswax, which has to be better for your ears).

And, for those looking to rock the eco-heart but who may be a tad bit more traditional, they also have a similar version in a dog tag, perfect for your bridesmaids’ gifts.


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