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One of the very best things about getting married is all the great parties and entertaining the two of you can throw together! Whether it is a family dinner or crazy all-nighters with your friends, hosting people is a great part of building a home with each other.  Below are five fun ideas for the first events you can host.

1. Summertime BBQ

Forgo the usual hot dogs and hamburgers for a slider bar, filled with fun condiments and served aside delicious margaritas.  And on the 4th of July, get ready for the fireworks with big bowls of gourmet popcorn and homemade ice pops.

2.  Game night

Invite your friends over for a casual night of board games and cocktails.  Welcome your guests Mad Men-style with old fashioneds and appetizers.  Ottomans can double as game storage and extra seats.  For dinner, keep it simple with soup and sandwiches so that you can better focus on Scrabble domination!

3.  Hosting a bridal shower

Your friends hosted your shower, and now it is time to return the favor!  Throw a lovely southern-style soiree with sweet tea and spiked punch worthy of any debutante.  Stick with delicate finger food snacks and decorate with glass bowl centerpieces.

4.Holiday cooking party

Don’t host the typical holiday party with eggnog!  Instead, have a holiday baking party. Collect your favorite recipes and cook them with your friends.  Everyone can get their holiday baking done, and have a great time doing it. Use a deep fryer to make rosettes and a special brownie pan which will allow everyone to take home a coveted corner piece of your famous peppermint brownies.

5.New Year’s Eve Dinner

Wow your family with a terrific party celebrating the start to a new year.  Break out the good dishes and chill the wine!  Make your party even more festive by mixing and matching different colored dishes and pairing with pretty holiday serving platters. And before you pop the champagne, make sure to impress with a beautiful dessert on top of an elegant cake plate.


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