Etsy Feature: The Little Gentleman’s Closet

Etsy colorful handmade houndstooth-patterned neckties.

Who knew that ring bearers could look so dapper? When I saw these adorable ties at The Little Gentleman’s Closet, I squealed. Okay, the squealing was on the inside because I was drinking coffee at the time, but still. Just look at the fashion statement your little guy can make going down the aisle. And after all, you should be looking out for him because he’s got the rings (seriously, who had the brilliant idea of giving the most critical detail of the ceremony to a five-year old child?).

Collage of colorful handmade neckties for little boys.Handmade patterned neckties for little boys.Collage of colorful handmade bowties for little boys.Colorful handmade patterned neckties for children.

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