Back to School Themed Wedding

For most kids, this week it was time to go back to school. I went into Target and it looks like a band of Crayola-loving thieves pillaged the place. Vintage school house weddings are super cute and sweet and of course this time of year has me thinking all about them. Here are a few detail ideas courtesy of the talented peeps at Etsy.

Alphabet card "M" written in cursive. This is used as an example for a wedding theme.

These old alphabet cards can be used for table numbers or organizing your seating chart on a chalk or bulletin board.

Notebook pad paper used as a wedding schedule.

Stay in theme with your wedding program using ruled notebook paper inspiration. You could also go with cootie catchers on each seat or a MASH game on the back to keep your guests occupied as they wait for you to make your grand entrance!

old school desk used to hold a guestbook at a wedding.

Set your guest book on an old school desk , or if you have several, arrange them in a circle in lieu of a children’s table.

classroom globe used as a centerpiece for a wedding.

Create centerpieces from school room elements like globes, rulers, and pencil sharpeners. The more nostalgic, the better!

Lunch tray with strawberries. A sesame street lunch box and a pack of rulers.

Serve a gourmet sack lunch meal on old cafeteria trays or vintage lunchboxes. Have plenty of fun toys on hand to keep the kiddos occupied while not distracting from the vibe. Consider giving away favors like packs of pencils or blocks of stacks of sticky pads.

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