A Family Engagement Shoot from Hawes Photography

When the very talented Hawes Photography first sent me this engagement session of the Creek family, my first thought was, “What a stunning family.” But the more I read about their story, the more it became clear this is a family with true strength and grace.

Amber and Ryan’s adorable daughter Harper has an extremely rare form of pediatric cancer; so rare that Amber says they’d have better luck winning Powerball twice. But while Harper’s been undergoing chemo treatments, they’ve also been able to plan their wedding, thanks to the help of the stellar organization The Gifted Wedding, which gives couples facing challenges the wedding of their dreams by providing donated wedding services.

Amber shares why the wedding and these photos have an extra level of meaning for her family. She writes, “The way you (The Gifted Wedding) are helping families is through the meaningful moments in their lives they might otherwise not be able to have or share. Making memories is what we all hold so dear as the truth is we really have no clue what tomorrow holds.”

And be sure to check out a few of their wedding photos, which looks like it was an absolute success (although really this family couldn’t take a bad photo!).


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