Fashion Expert with Dresses for the Mature Bride


What are some dress options for the older woman?

Bridal Fashion Expert, RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara’s Answer:
The average age of first-time brides is older than generations before. We are also seeing a growth in the second wedding for brides ages 60 and older. Therefore, designers can no longer design only for the younger bride! For most mature brides, the white billowy princess dress with a long train is not usually the way to go. There are some very stylish gowns, suits and dresses that are more age appropriate.

Some recommendations for the mature bride:

If you are going to choose a bridal gown in the traditional sense, order the gown without the long train and the hassle of a bustle. The extra weight can make for an uncomfortable party.

Don’t go to a regular department store. You are very likely to have one of your guests walk in with the same outfit as you if you go that route.

Eveningwear companies like Montage, Stephen Yearick, Rina DiMontella are making fabulous gowns that have 3/4 sleeves, portrait collars, or matching bolero jackets. They are not matronly or “fuddy-duddy.” They are sleek, stylish and come in amazing colors. Depending on the venue, you can do a ruched silk ball gown, lace gown, or a beaded sheath. Many of today’s hottest mature celebrities wear looks like these for award shows like the Emmy’s.

Some popular colors for brides 60 and over are: light gray, soft pink, ivory, champagne, beige, steel blue, soft yellow or a deep off-white.

Bridal gown designers are making “destination gowns”. They are lighter in weight, usually eliminate a train and are available in an array of lengths. I have seen some beautiful silk satin two-piece looks. One in particular was a boat neck tank top and tea-length skirt. The bride wore it with a cactus green sash that matched the flowers and table setting. She looked incredible. Alencon lace is also a very classic and timeless material. I have seen some mature brides in great tailored lace dresses with collared jackets to match. Shawls and Jackets are always options as well for the bride that wants a bit more coverage.

No matter what your age, your wedding is your red carpet event! You should feel beautiful and special. I highly recommend going to see a better bridal salon that has a full eveningwear department. Have a consultant work directly with you. Styles in the evening departments are no longer just matronly looks for the grandma or mother of the bride. They are unusual high style gowns and suits. Buyers are now, more than ever, considering the more mature bride with the merchandise they bring in.