Find the Perfect Song for Each Part of Your Wedding Day

You know how some people know all the new bands and when you ask them an easy question like, “What’s your first dance song?” they rattle off some obscure name that sounds like they’re just plucking random words out of the air and putting them together? Dr. Dog! Neutral Milk Hotel! The Lemon Pipers! And, then you have to stand there, hoping against hope that they don’t ask you about your first dance song because you know your iPod only features people that go by their first name? Yeah, that would be me.

As hard as I try, I’m totally, completely band challenged. I have the same 15 artists on rotation on my iPod and let me put it this way…Boys 2 Men is currently playing in the coffee shop where I’m working (I know, right?) and not only do I know every word, honey, I can break it alllll the way down. Part of the issue is that I just have no idea where to start and picking out a song to walk down the aisle to? Forget about it.

Fortunately, Ashley from Hi-Fi Weddings has heard our plea and is here to help! She curates a site that is all about helping you find the perfect music for your wedding day. Not only does she feature playlists from real weddings and engagements, she hooks you up with cool tracks to try, and, my personal favorite, has an incredible list of song ideas to use for your first dance, Father-Daughter dance or just to fill up the dance floor.

And, because her focus is on “music that is true to the soul”, I have a feeling that even die-hard music connoisseurs will find something new to love. Or at least find a space to share their faves with the rest of us.

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Kara Kara is happily married in San Francisco where she occasionally stalks brides and tries to convince them to wear wedding dresses she wishes she could wear herself. She loves sales at Anthropologie, afternoon dance parties with her kids, and encouraging people to talk in funny accents.

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