Fit to be Tied: An Etsy Round-up Filled With Ties Galore!


Okay, sure, there’s a reason that there isn’t a “Here Comes the Groom” processional. And, it’s pretty rare to hear, “Always a groomsman, never a groom.” Still, even the boys want to have some fun these days when it comes to getting gussied up for the big day. Gone are the days of the rudimentary tux. These days grooms are stepping up with their own signature style.



One way to up the fashion ante is with the ties for the groom and groomsmen. Between the trend of a more personalized presence on weddings and the advent of the bow tie craze, even the guys have loads of options these days.


Here’s a roundup of some great tie shop options over on Etsy (pictures, top to bottom):

Gentlemen in Dashing Bow Ties

Fun Patterned Bow Ties

Gingham Ties and Madras Bow Ties

Romantic Vintage Ties

Clipper Ship Ties

And, in case one might need a little tutorial on tying that nifty bow tie, we love these illustrated instructions from designer Conor Whelan.


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