Flower Girl Baskets

Flower girls are just about the most precious thing at a wedding. Well, except for ring bearers (they’re pretty cute, too). Give your little ladies something perfect to carry their petals down the aisle! Here are some of our favorite flower girl baskets (you can find the shopping links below) that will have your flower girl very excited to do her job. Read below for a few helpful flower girl hints.

Tips for flower girl success:

  • If she is very young, have one of her parents waiting for her at the end of the aisle with her favorite toy or piece of candy. A group of wedding guests can be a scary thing, and a familiar face (not to mention a couple of M&Ms) will help her focus.
  • Pick a basket that she can easily carry.
  • Make sure to rehearse at least a couple times with the flower girl. If you are having her wear gloves, make sure she practices with them. When I was little and a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding, I was wearing velvet gloves that stuck to every petal. It took me about five minutes to get down the aisle because I was determined to drop them all. True story.
  • If there is any wedding moment you can’t control, it is one that involves children. Be prepared for things not to go as planned, and to laugh it off.


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