For the Makers: DIY Embellished Hair Comb

Who doesn’t want a little bling? We’re all in and this DIY project will be sure to add a little sparkle in your wedding planning step!

The top knot of the summer moves to the nape of your neck this fall and we’re getting ready. What better way to celebrate then with a little sparkle? Embellished pins and combs are the right-now way to dress up your hair for fall. We especially love the black, crystal and pearl mix here.

This mix of stones and pearls is equally lovely sewn onto your collar, a sweater or a knit hat.

– scissors
– no. 7 needle

– hematite comb
– charcoal grey thread
– sew-on stones and pearls
– silver trim

Gather your materials and a pair of scissors. You’ll use the same grey thread for the Louise bracelet.

Lay out the stones to get a sense of how you’d like them arranged. There is no need for perfection here but playing with the stones a bit will help you before you start. It’s easiest to add the larger flatback and set stones and then go back to fill in with sequins. Measure your hematite comb to the back of this design. Keep in mind, the beads and stones should stretch the length of the comb.

Cut your thread about a yard long.

Pull to separate one thread from the rest.

Thread your needle.

Add a quick double knot to the end.

Start stitching the stones to the silver tape. Hold the stone in place with one hand as you stitch.

For stones with one hole on each end, stitch in place a few times per hole to hold it in place.

Position the next stone with the needle.

For stones with two holes on each end, slide your needle through two at a time and stitch to the tape backing this way.

Stitch the opposite end of the stone to the tape the same way.

Stitch the pearls to the silver tape the same way you stitched the other flatback stones.

Fill out the design with the rest of your stones. You’ll add the sequins next.

The sequins add dimension and texture so sew them tight enough that they won’t snag, but you don’t need to stitch them totally flat to the silver tape.

Once you’ve added all the embellishments you’d like, tie a secure double knot on the back of the silver tape.

Snip your thread.

Separate a second thread to use.

Trim around your stones, leaving an edge careful not to clip any threads as you go.

Position the embellished tape onto the comb.

Double knot the thread and stitch the comb to the tape. Wrap the bar of the comb with your stitches as you go to hold it securely.

Keep stitching. Since you’ve already covered the front of the tape with stones don’t worry too much about hiding your stitches in the front.

Tie one last double knot to secure the thread to the comb.

Clip the thread with your scissors.

Thanks as always for sharing your sparkle with us, For the Makers!

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