For the Makers: DIY Monogram Stamp Treat Bags

Put your very own stamp on your day – quite literally! Roll up those sleeves for this week’s DIY project.

Personalize your sweet treats or note cards with your own stamp. We fell in love with these sturdy wood blocks and had to use them to personalize our own gift bags and note cards. Whether you create a geometric pattern, chic stripes or your initials is up to you.

– scissors
– a few sweet treats or note cards come in handy here

– wood stamp block
– adhesive-backed foam
– set of glassine bags
– ink pad in black

Gather your materials and scissors. You may also want a scrap piece of paper or two to keep your work surface ink-free.

Test out a few designs to decide what kind of stamp you’d like to make. Your monogram, stripes or a geometric pattern would work. Just make sure to keep it simple.

Based on your drawings cut out your design. You can either trace it onto the foam sheeting or just go for it. If you are going to trace your deign make sure to reverse the design.

With your design cut out arrange them on your wood block to make sure they fit. We needed to trim ours a tad before attaching them to the block.

Peel the back of the paper off each shape.

Place each shape onto the block and press firmly to secure it.

Add ink to your stamp.

Dab the ink directly onto the stamp to make sure it is applied evenly.

Place the stamp over your paper and apply even pressure.

Repeat as many times as you’d like. Let the ink dry completely before you handle the stamped bags or paper.

Use the stamp to add graphic details to any of your decor details.

Thanks to our crafty friends at For the Makers for sharing!

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