For the Makers: DIY Rhinestone Headband

You’re a busy bride! This lovely little headband is the perfect solution for looking gorgeous even on one of those hair days {we know, we have them too}.

While we are pretty big top knot fans but sometimes a messy updo needs some love. This rhinestone headband will have you looking prim and proper.

– scissors
– super glue
– pliers

– nude stretch tubing, ya know from France
– rhinestone trimming
– oval jump rings
– spring end caps
– rhinestone chain end cap

Round up your materials and tools. You’ll need super glue, pliers (or really strong finger nails) and scissors.

There is bit of trim on each end of the rhinestone trimming. Fold it under the bottom of the last rhinestone and add a dab of glue to it to keep it in place.

Take the last rhinestone and put it into the rhinestone end cap. The jump ring should face outward so you can attach it to the elastic.

Using your pliers (or your fingernail) to fold over each prong. This will keep the rhinestone in place.

You can add a bit of glue for extra hold.

Add a drop of glue to one of the spring end caps, but not too much.

Insert one end of the elastic into the cap. Let it dry for a few seconds.

Measure how long you’d like your elastic by testing it on your head. We cut ours to about 6” but some people have bigger heads. Or smaller heads.

Trim the elastic to the length you’d like and add the second end cap with glue.

Open the first jump ring to attach it to the end cap.

Add the rhinestone chain to the jump ring next. Make sure they both face each other as you add them.

Add two jump rings to each side to secure the chain and the elastic together.


Thanks for sharing your sparkle, For the Makers!

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