For the Makers: Nebula Paperweight

We have another treat for you and your crafty side this week! This project may very well be the perfect diversion from your wedding planning and add a lovely new detail to your decor.


  • 4oz matte mod podge (Hint: You’ll have enough Mod Podge left to decoupage your entire desk if you’re feeling adventurous. Means more DIY projects could be in your future.)
  • scissors
  • foam brush
  • pencil or pen
  • an old cork (or your fingers)

Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need a pair of scissors and a pencil. If you’d like, you can grab a wine cork as well.

Determine which part of the print you’d like to use. Place the felt circle over that spot and trace around it. You can use the illustration printed but there are also two other options if you want to switch it up. You can find the other two images here.

Cut out the circle following just inside your traced line. Carefully.

With the bottom of the glass paperweight facing up (the bottom is the side with a small lip around the edge) add a squirt of Mod Podge to the center of the surface.

Brush the Mod Podge evenly toward the edges. A thin even layer is what you’re going for here.

Place the paper printed side down onto the Mod Podge.

Center it and press the paper firmly onto the glass paperweight.

With a cork (or your fingers) work any air bubbles or creases out of the paper. Starting from the center out and working the cork around the edges to seal it. Let the Mod Podge dry completely. Approximately 15 – 30 minutes. This is a good time to rinse out your brush with water so you can re-use it later!

Apply the felt backing, making sure it is lined up just inside the lip edge and press firmly to smooth out any wrinkles.

Remember, it’s not waterproof so do not immerse in water. A damp cloth or paper towel will work best to wipe it clean. That’s it. The paperweight is ready for your desk!

Each of the three illustrations Evie created for the January box are a nod to the bold prints we’ve been seeing on the runways. Even more good news – you can purchase the DIY kit to make your very own artful paperweight.

Thanks again to our wonderfully talented friends at For the Makers!

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