Your Four-Legged Ring Bearer

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Forget about having your sister’s temper-tantrum-throwing five year old son as the ring bearer. You’ve got your loyal, dedicated doggie to do the job. You know, that obedient, furry pal who cuddles at your feet every night in bed? Yes! Have your pet walk down the aisle on your big day! The trend is vastly growing and therefore, many attire options, as well as training classes are available for you and your pup to get ready for the big day.

There are just a few things to think over before Rover’s name is printed in the program. How is his temperament? Is he relaxed and cool, or hyper and jumpy? Is he friendly or territorial? Does he leap up on people, whether it’s for excitement or to threaten? These things are very important to consider in making your decision.

Here are a few guidelines to follow if you do decide to have your pup be a part of your special day:

  • Suit up your furry friend with formal wear. Dog Tuxedo’s are so cute are plentiful today. And if Rover is getting walked down the aisle, there are tons of fancy leashes and collars to choose from.
  • Have your pup washed and thoroughly cleaned right before the ceremony to keep people with allergies from having a bad reaction to his dander.
  • Make sure your dog has relieved himself before the ceremony! It would be horrible for him to use a pew as his fire hydrant.
  • Bring Rover to the ceremony site a few times before the actual big day so he can familiarize himself with the site. Dogs get stage fright too!!
  • Assign one of your dog-lover friends to keep Rover friendly and polite through the night. This person should make sure Rover doesn’t leave “surprises” under the reception tables!
  • Be considerate of guests who may be fearful of dogs as cute as yours is. There you have it. Your favorite four-legged friend can make a great addition to your special day if you take a few precautions. Get some professional training if you wish, but if you can cater to these suggestions you should be fine without it. And if your sister can’t get over the fact that you won’t have little Timmy as the ring bearer, well, maybe suggest professional training for Timmy. Ouch!
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