How to Handle Wedding Bloopers


Over the years, I’ve seen many wedding bloopers and mishaps. Some have been little disasters, some amusing additions that become fond memories. In my experience the most common bloopers are due to the inclusion of young children in the wedding party. Toddlers are always adorable dressed up in the approximation of adult attire, yet being cute is only a part of the job. The little ones can’t always pull off the task they were assigned. One boy, charged with bringing the rings up to the altar for the vow and ring exchange, realized at the last minute he was terrified of making the journey down the aisle. As his father stepped from the attendant line to take his hand, the boy began screaming. What followed was what I think of as “the dragging of the ring bearer.” Not a pretty sight.

On a more amusing note, two sisters, one five and one three, had the task of tossing flower petals onto the runway. They did a great job with it, but mid-ceremony I noticed a tittering in the audience. Looking around the bride and groom I saw the three year old picking up the flower petals and putting them back into her basket. Mommy’s daily pick up after yourself messages had obviously sunk in.

Hot days and outdoor weddings can also be a combination producing the unexpected. I’ll never forget the four layer wedding cake that began to melt; the layers slipping slowly towards the table. Then there was the ceremony that took place on a day that must have been 95 degrees. During the wine ceremony the bride chugged that glass of wine as if it were a pitcher of ice water.

Another area for the possibility of a fiasco is the processional. In one wedding a late-arriving couple inadvertently became part of the processional. And I’ve seen more than one occasion where the bride waited so long to enter that guests wondered if they were involved in a runaway bride event.

These are all true stories! Make sure to attend to the planning details so your wedding will run smoothly, or at least have the attitude to laugh if you find yourself having a “wedding bloopers” moment.

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