Handmade Cake Toppers Customized to Look Like You and Your Fiance

Sarah from The Small Object is known for creating quirky stationary, stamps and, well, small objects to brighten up your day (finger puppets, sheriff badges, and wine stoppers to name just a few).  But where I think she really sets herself apart is with her customized cake toppers.

Handmade on an individual basis, Sarah lets you add details – customized outfits, pets, jewelry, seasonal elements – to create an adorable version of you and your fiance. With over 300 toppers under her belt, she also has an excellent repertoire of ideas to choose from if you’re not sure where to start.

But the best part about these toppers? They have a life after the wedding. A perfect heirloom, it’d also be a great talking piece to leave out and remind you of your big day.


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Kara Kara is happily married in San Francisco where she occasionally stalks brides and tries to convince them to wear wedding dresses she wishes she could wear herself. She loves sales at Anthropologie, afternoon dance parties with her kids, and encouraging people to talk in funny accents.

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