Heirloom Ring Bearer Bowls from Paloma’s Nest

You all know how much I love wedding finds that find a life after the big day; not only are you reminded of your wedding but you get more bang for your buck. And in the case of Paloma’s Nest’s Ring Bearer bowls, you also get a twist on a traditional favorite.

Rather than the classic ring bearer pillow, Caroline (the designer behind Paloma’s Nest) hand-crafts bowls from porcelain that feature ties so you don’t have to worry about rings flying off during the ceremony due to a distracted ring bearer. Each bowl is hand-stamped with a saying, date or name, making it an ideal heirloom. After you’ve used it for years as a ring bowl, of course.


She also offers two versions of customized text tiles, one which can be used to secure your bouquets, the other as lasting favors for your guests.bouquet-text-tile-date-ceramictext-tiles-celebrate-enjoy-ceramic

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