Here Comes the Groom: A Wedding Whims Video

Chances are your groom’s search for his suit or tux won’t be as involved as finding your dream dress {phew}. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about him! Style and a great fit are key to helping him feel amazing walking down the aisle.

Though tuxedos are gorgeous, a beautifully tailored suit makes for perfect wedding day wear – and a fun afternoon at your local tailor.

Some tips from our friends at Ted’s Clothiers:

  • A good suit should hug your shoulders rather than slouch off them. When you pull on the jacket, there should be a firmness to it that almost inspires you to stand a little taller.
  • Your sleeves should end just above the hinges of your wrists, so a quarter to half inch of shirt cuff shows. It’s like the frame on a painting—the elegant finishing touch.
  • Your jacket should contour to your body. Have a tailor nip it at the sides.
  • To ensure an overall tailored look, make sure your suit pants just clip the tops of your shoes and don’t bunch up over them.


Happy styling!


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