The “Ice” in Nice for your Wedding Reception

Photograph by Renee Robichaux

A very classic accent to any wedding is the elegance of ice sculptures. They make dramatic centerpieces for buffet tables and overall décor. If you’re thinking about having an ice sculpture at your wedding reception, here are some facts and tips that will help you find exactly what you need!

  • The ice should be crystal-clear. Most ice sculptors use a special process to produce their own ice. It takes about 3-4 days to make a block of clear ice. An average ice block weighs in at 300 pounds, and the dimensions are 40 x 20 x 10 inches. The weight of an average finished one-block sculpture will range between 150-200 pounds.
  • Wedding ice sculptures come in a variety of designs, some which incorporate colors, flowers, electrical lighting and candles. Google “Ice Sculpture” to see all the possibilities. Often you can submit your own design if you’d like. Virtually anything is possible.
  • Ice sculptures can be created in a mold, but hand-carved sculptures give you more design flexibility. Prices start at around $230 and up, depending on the design, complexity and intricacy of the sculpture. Preparing the pattern, sculpting the ice, preparing the sculpture for transportation and delivery takes an average of five to seven hours.
  • Typical ice sculptures last about six to seven hours indoors. Outdoors in the summer, under cover, the sculpture will last about four hours. The drip pan placed underneath the sculpture to catch the water should be emptied every hour-and-a-half to prevent overflow.
  • Find out about delivery, set-up and removal charges. Most ice sculptures can be taken down without assistance, but larger sculptures will require take-down and removal.
  • While ice sculptures can be safely packed in styrofoam and shipped anywhere, most ice sculpture companies have a limited delivery area. Your best bet is to find a local ice sculptor, if possible.
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