Inspiring Cake Artistry from Eat Cake Be Merry


If there is one aspect of a wedding that I fixate on more than any other it’s the cake. Don’t get me wrong, now. At the end of the day I am fully aware that it is ultimately about the joy and beauty of being forever joined with the one you love most. But, if there’s cake involved in the sealing of the deal? That much better!

So, this morning I stumbled upon the beautiful cake artistry of Liz Shim of Eat Cake Be Merry and I’ve been perusing for much longer than I should. But, you know, it’s “research”. Right?

I love how Liz manages to have a hip and contemporary aesthetic but still infuses a whimsical quality in her colors and details. There is plenty of fresh inspiration to be had in her galleries. And, if you should be in the New York area and would like to fly me out to assist in a tasting? I’d be more than happy to oblige! Just saying.


about the author
Bradford Bradford is the founder/editor of the design blog "The Bedlam of Beefy" and, with a background in fine arts, loves the endless creative possibilities with weddings. He loves a good DIY project and, even though he absolutely knows better than to consider it, dreams about making his own wedding cake.

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