Just a Little Spooky: Halloween Wedding Details

I need to add a disclaimer before starting this post: I am a Halloween wuss. My version of Halloween is far more “Great Pumpkin” than “Friday the 13th.” And when it comes to being scared, my limit is Hitchcock movies and the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. So, if you are hoping this Halloween post is going to involve zombies and corpses, you might be disappointed. This is sort of spooky-lite: all the charm of Halloween without all of that pesky fake blood and gelatin eyeballs.

This is a brilliant idea for a cooler or a punch bowl.

One of my very favorite quotes from literature, this poster would make an excellent addition to any guest book table.

RSVPs from the Great Beyond…

Halloween doesn’t get more elegant than this delightfully dark decor!

You can also use orange mini-pumpkins, but I prefer the ghostly white!

This couple knew the best part of Halloween has always been the candy. Let your guest trick-or-treat for a fun favor.

Love Halloween but not a big fan of an orange and black palette? Red, black, and white can be perfectly moody.

Wrap up favors with a tarot card to give it a mystical touch.

Credits: Skull Cake Topper//Pumpkin Punch Bowl//Something Wicked Poster//Ouija Invitations//Dark Decor//Skull Planters//Pumpkin Place Cards//Sweet Table//Place Setting//Red Bouquet//Tarot Favors

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