Just the Two of You in Saint Lucia

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, between the shopping and baking and airport pick-ups, chances are you haven’t had much time for just the two of you. Doesn’t just sitting on a beach together sound lovely?  No to-do lists. No responsibilities. Just peace and tranquility. In Saint Lucia, you can savor all of the couple time you want, whether you want to spend it hiking together to a remote waterfall or indulging yourselves with the delectable culinary offerings.

When visiting Saint Lucia, couples who love the outdoors will be in heaven!  Traditional beach activities and rainforest tours abound. Those who want an even more unique experience, can charter a helicopter or yacht for their own personalized tours. Or you could take a cue from every romance novel, and just take a horseback ride along the shore.

Nightlife doesn’t have to be a loud and chaotic party. There is plenty to keep you occupied in Saint Lucia after the sun goes down that won’t ruin your peaceful retreat. Enjoy dinner out at one of Saint Lucia’s many amazing restaurants with global culinary influences. And if there is one thing that Saint Lucia is perfect for, it’s stargazing from the beach. So don’t forget to pack a blanket for an evening stroll along the ocean.

Plan your retreat to Saint Lucia today!

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