Justin Alexander’s Statement Backs

If there was any doubt that statement backs are here to stay, you need look no further than Justin Alexander’s latest collection. From sparkly criss-crosses to lace backs worthy of a princess, these back details are perhaps the most stunning part of these gowns. Blame Nicole Kidman’s penchant for backwards necklaces, the back is most definitely the newest part to show off. (Above: Sincerity Collection)

(Lillian West Collection)

The combo of lace detailing and a row of perfect teeny-tiny buttons? Divine! (Above: Lillian West)

(Above: Justin Alexander)

Justin Alexander proves that statement backs don’t have to be complicated. The deep draping (above: Justin Alexander Collection) is a beautiful example of classic simplicity.

I think this trumpet gown may be my very favorite. From the liquid satin and ultra-long row of buttons, to the intricately-detailed lace pattern on the back, it’s pretty much just a whole lot of perfection. (Above: Justin Alexander Signature)


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