Kari and Ryan’s Palomar Mountain, CA Campfire Engagement Session by Limelife Photography

The future bride kisses her groom to be on the cheek as they hold their s'mores treats.

Kari and Ryan remind us of sweet summer treats with their Palomar Mountain engagement session centered around a campfire and plenty of provisions! Limelife Photography traveled with this couple to capture their love of road trips, camping, and the great outdoors!

The couple, both dressed in plaid shirts, embrace each other by a forest of trees.The couple sit with each other and embrace in a grassy open field by a forest.The couple embrace each other in a field of tall grass by a forest.S'mores supplies, including graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.The couple prepare to make s'mores as the future groom opens a pack of marshmallows.The couple sit together as they hold sticks with marshmallows on the ends over a fire.The couple hold sticks with toasted marshmallows at the end of each one.The future groom grabs some graham crackers as his future bride opens some chocolate.The couple prepare s'mores with each other with an array of supplies, including chocolate.The future bride flashes her engagement ring as she prepares s'mores with her husband.The couple each take a bit of their s'mores treats.The couple share a laugh as the s'mores they are eating get on their faces.The couple smile as they share their s'mores with each other.The couple share a kiss as the future bride holds s'mores. The couple embrace each other as they sit alongside a fire roaring on the grill.

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