Kristina and James’ Sunny Orchard Engagement Session by Inner Song Photography


Early in their relationship, Kristina made it clear that she had one rule: she wouldn’t live with a man until she was at least engaged. Well, flash forward two years later, and there they were, about ready to move in together and there had yet to be a ring. James was moving to California from Miami to be with Kristina, and she was so happy that it was hard for her to stay steadfast to her rule. They were just above to leave Kristina’s empty apartment to head west, when James called Kristina into her bedroom, claiming she had forgotten to pack something. Surprised, she ran into her closet to find James on one knee. James didn’t believe in being a rule breaker. And now, here they are in this completely sweet and adorable orchard engagement session by Inner Song Photography. Congrats you guys!


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