Last Chance to Win a Vacation to Jamaica from Couples Resorts

So I know I’ve already mentioned it a couple of times, but seriously why haven’t you entered yet? Do you have something against an all-inclusive vacay to a gorgeous beach? I get it. You’re busy right now. You have to take down the tree and go for a walk to burn off the third (okay, twenty-third) sugar cookie you ate last week and find something to wear for that New Year’s party. All valid. But entering the contest doesn’t take long at all.

And it will be time well spent if you win. You will be able to leave all that post-holiday, pre-tax season stress behind and relax in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 7 nights.  At Couples, you can choose to fill those days with tons of fun activities and excursions, or you can do absolutely nothing but sit in a beach chair with an umbrella drink.  Personally, I’d go for the latter.

So, pretty please enter this contest. You deserve it.

Enter here.

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