Latest Love Affair: Sleeves

I have been called an old soul on more than one occasion and will be the first to admit my great fondness for heirloom pieces and vintage inspired details. There is just something striking about the femininity of simple silhouettes adorned with lace and bows that prove to stand the test of time.

To satisfy this cry of my heart, I admit I spent far too long getting lost in BHLDN’s new collection of delicate wedding gowns.


The best part though was rediscovering my forgotten love of sleeves and straps! Long, short, cap, lace – the extra fabric draped on the arms just does something to these gowns.


Don’t get me wrong, the sweetheart neckline is entirely deserving of its claim to fame. Strapless styles seem to grace any woman gorgeously but these sleeved gowns have managed to captivate me.

Maybe sleeves are worth a second thought in your dress hunt – whether simply for day dreaming purposes or your sure-to-awe walk down the aisle.


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Alexa Alexa is a fashion-intrigued adventure-seeker with a penchant for vintage finds and unique discoveries. She tends to swoon over hand-beading and sleeved wedding gowns and has been known to hoard library books and lipstick alike. When she's not pretending to draw she can be found digging up new music or rock climbing.

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