Like Your Photographer


While you are meeting with photographers and looking at their portfolios, don’t forget to engage them in conversation. Your photographer will be the wedding vendor that you have the most amount of contact with. If you can’t stand the photographer, and they are following you everywhere on your wedding day, chances are some of your irritation will translate to the pictures (you know, the ones you are paying a small fortune for). Bottom line: It doesn’t matter how much you love their pictures from weddings past, if you wouldn’t hang out with your photographer voluntarily, it’s time to keep shopping.

Photographers should be gifted at remaining in the background, while also able to gather people and communicate clearly to them about the image. If you aren’t sure your photographer is capable of either of these, try a pre-wedding photo session, such as an engagement session, bridal portraits, or even a boudoir session (makes a GREAT wedding gift), to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in their skills.

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Photo Credit: Kate Haus Photography

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