Lodge-Style Inspiration Board

Collage of "Lodge Style" ideas. Candles, cakes with leaves, flowers and wallpapers.

Okay, so go with me on this, but this inspiration board is the result of a recent viewing of “The Shining.” Now, I understand, of course, the last thing you probably want to use as inspiration for your wedding is a horror movie. But….if you take out the whole Jack Nicholson with an axe thing, and the super creepy girls in the hallway, you have a pretty spectacular setting for a lodge wedding (like I said, just go with me on this. It is the day after Halloween and I have a Smarties hangover).I heart lodge weddings and their fun details like antique Thermoses, Pendelton wool blankets, national-park style decor, and all of the natural elements brought in.

Photo Credits (from top left):

Thermos Collection

Woods Invitatation Suite

Thermos Vases

Tree Trunk Cake Stand

Wildflowers in Tree Trunk Vases

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