Louise and Daniel’s Raleigh, NC Engagement Session by 2 & 3 Photography

The couple share a kiss alongside their dog dressed in matching red t-shirts.

Representing like true fans, Louis and Daniel took 2 & 3 Photography to the North Carolina State University stadium. Even their dog, Jelly, joined in with some team spirit of her own by donning a cheerleader outfit (that’s dedication). Check out all the fun they had walking around some of their favorite Raleigh spots as they plan their 2013 wedding!

The couple pose with each other in their red university t-shirts on the campus.The couple's dog looks at the camera dressed in a red cheerleader uniform.The couple touch foreheads alongside their dog dressed in a red cheerleader uniform.The couple playfully cover each other's eyes as they stand outside.The couple pose together outside in a navy shirt and grey sweater.The couple peek through gold string curtains as they playfully laugh and smile.The couple stand outside by the wall of a building as they hold hands.The future bride to be smiles as her groom kisses her on the cheek.The two raise their arms in the air as they pose with each other outside.The couple smile and share a laugh as they pose with each other on the steps.The couple embrace each other in the street under the moon and city lights.

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