Luck of the Irish: 40 Shades of Green Inspiration Board


With St. Patrick’s Day coming upon us, what could be more perfect than inspiration boards bathed in the color of the season? Glorious in all of its multiples shades, green is the perfect way to interject a fresh and vibrant pop into a wedding color scheme. And, it’s endlessly versatile in it’s pairings. Mixed with black or navy it lends itself toward a more sleek and sophisticated look (without being stuffy). Brought together with browns it speaks to Mother Nature in all her splendor. Blend with citrus-inspired hues of orange or yellow for a truly tropical twist. Or, create a breathtaking monochromatic scheme by combining every shade of green imaginable. Gorgeous! 


Photo credits:

Top image (clockwise):

Green wedding dress


Hunter boots

Groom with green bow tie

Silk slingback shoes

Moss covered trees

Bottom image:

Dessert tables

Table setting and menu

Green parasol

Little bridesmaids

Woodland bride and groom

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