The Man Registry With the Gift That Never Disappoints


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Don’t feel like giving the standard flask, personalized money clip, or matching bridal jewelry to your wedding party members? Believe it or not, there actually are some alternative options out there.

One of our couples passed along a great idea for wedding party gifts: personalized bottles of liquor for each party member. They created separate labels for each using Photoshop and sticker paper (any design program will work).

The labels could be something like this:

Nate’s Best Man Courage Juice

Lisa’s White Zin “Drink straight from the bottle”

Danny’s Dreaded Tequila “If the bottle’s empty before the wedding, we’re all in trouble”

They printed the new labels onto a sticker and replaced the labels on the bottles with their own unique works. For a bonus touch, they gave engraved shot and wine glasses to accompany the bottles. The gifts were presented at the rehearsal dinner, and amazingly everyone was able to fully function the next morning for their wedding day duties!

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