Bridal Fashion Expert and Mother of the Groom Attire

Groom holding a hand from a woman in the guest seating. Beach wedding theme.

Photography by f8studio

I am the mother of the groom and I’m unsure of what color to wear. The bride’s mother is wearing black, so am I supposed to also wear black. I have a beautiful suit jacket in Nectarine with black dressy pants. Which would be appropriate?

Bridal Fashion Expert, RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara’s Answer:

As the mother of the groom it is very important for you to look your absolute best. As a guest of honor you will be filmed and photographed all day and have an amazing moment dancing with your son at the reception.

Although I have not seen your nectarine jacket and black pants, I believe you should be less conservative and more dressy for your son’s wedding. Wear a gown or dress. Find something that still stays true to your personality but is nothing like what you would “normally” wear. You don’t have to choose glitz but it should be an outfit that is more special than what you would wear as a regular guest.

The mother of the bride chose her color first – etiquette dictates that is correct. She chose black. That’s means every color imaginable is available. I would go with a solid. If she is in black then maybe you want to consider a deep color like navy, burgundy, chocolate or pewter. If a dark color is not your style, then I would suggest a gold, champagne or silver. These tones blend with most color palates and are very stylish this season. If you want to be safe, make sure this does not clash with the bridesmaid dresses and that the bride likes the color. You might also want to consider black as well. It looks great on most people and is always elegant and never out of style. Again check with the bride if that’s okay with her and her mother. Although you don’t have to get the bride’s okay; it is the best and most respectful thing to do. It will avoid any potential hurt feelings or “color confrontation.”

If you love the suit – wear it to the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. I know many mother of the grooms feel like they need to take a back seat to the mother of the bride, but they shouldn’t. You are equally important and should standout! If it weren’t for you, there would be no groom!

Congratulations and good luck!