A Modern Wildflower Bouquet from Chelsea at Frolic!

Make this wildflower bouquet for your spring or summer wedding if you like a free-spirited, modern style. wild-flower-bouquet-ribbon-vintage-outdoorTotal Cost: Around $30.

supplies-ribbon-vintage-scissors-string_0flower clippers

Flower Recipe:
ranunculus-wildflowers-yarrow-bouquet-wood-table5 stems Rice Flower or Yarrow
5 stems genestra or Wax Flower
5 ranunculus or Garden Roses
2 stems of Dusty Miller or Artemesia
10 stems of sweet peas

sweet-pea-flowers-rice-flower-wood-table1. Take leaves off the bottom of the flower stems.

dusty-miller-sweet-peas-flowers-hand-holding-bouquet2. For this bouquet, you will be keeping each type of flower pretty separate. Start with a bundle of dusty miller in your hand and add the sweet peas to the right of it, at about the same height.

rananculus-flower-dusty-miller-bouquet-hand-holding3. Next, add an open ranunculus bottom towards the bottom the bouquet. Add two buds to the mix at a much taller height than the rest of the bouquet.

genestra-flower-bouquet-hand-holding-wild-flower4. Add a bunch of rice flower to the front of the bouquet and the genestra to the back. Leave the stems long and wild.

5. Secure with twine.
wild-flower-bouquet-ribbon-vintage-wood-table6. Add a colorful ribbon.


Rice flower causes allergic reaction in some people. If you are sensitive to flowers, you might want to substitute Queen Anne’s Lace or Yarrow. Make the bouquet the night before the wedding. Store in water and in a cool, dark place.
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