Need a Kick of Energy? Try a Smoothie!

oatmeal banana smoothie

As much as I love sugar cookies and apple cider and mincemeat pie (yes, I am one of those crazies), all of that indulging has me feeling a little sluggish. And although I am not yet a huge green smoothie fan (it’s a goal for next year), I do love those like the purple sunrise smoothie and am always down for some mixed berry.

Click on the links below for recipes to each one of these delicious glassfuls. Enjoy!

mixed berry smoothieeggnog smoothiemango smoothiestrawberry smoothieraspberry smoothiesunrise smoothie

Credits:  Banana Chai//Mixed Berry//Eggnog//Grapefruit Oatmeal//Coconut Green//Superfood Green//Mango//Strawberry//Blueberry Spinach//Sunrise

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