Offbeat Bride Shows Us the Genius of Spray-Painted Succulents


After seeing this Super Mario wedding inspiration shoot, I just HAD to learn about the florist behind it — Primary Petals. I spent a good while thumbing through their inspiration gallery and their facebook page and this one particular bouquet really stuck out. I combines two of my favorite bouquet looks: succulents and antique brooches. Primary Petals figured out how to make living brooches out of succulents.


The floral designing genius behind Primary Petals,Samantha Santana, explains,”I mimicked antique brooches by spray painting succulents. The gold finish on the succulents brings out their fleshy subtleties and turns them into something like bronze castings or brooches.”

Here’s another amazing bouquet where she used the same technique:


I like how she left more of the green of the succulent visible on this one. It also complemented the bride just beautifully!


Awesome, right? Spray painting succulents… who knew!? Apparently Primary Petals did. 😉

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