Painted Fruit Place Cards from Chelsea at Frolic!

We love this modern take on using fruit for the holiday season. It’s simple, inexpensive and perfect for any winter wedding or party.fruit-white-painted-tags-glitter

You will need:
supplies-tag-string-glue-sprinklesmini apples + pears
white spray paint
white tags
white glitter
black pen
white yarn

pears-apples-wood-table1. Take all the stickers off of the fruit.

spray-paint-fruit-apples-pears-paintedwhite-painted-fruit-apples-pears2. Spray paint the fruit. It may take a few coats. Let it dry overnight.

tags-write-name-lettering-pen-string-copy3. Write names on tags.

tag-glitter-hand-written-fonttags-names-written-yarn-snow-corner4. Apply a small amount of glue on the corner of each tag and sprinkle white or silver glitter.

white-painted-fruit-tag-scissors-yarnwhite-painted-fruit-snow-tag-hand-written5. Once fruit is dry, tie on the place cards to the fruit.
-Be sure to give the fruit a few coats.
-When painting, use a ventilated space or do it out-of-doors.
-Keep fruit away kids.

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