A Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower for your epicurean friend? Try a kitchen-themed shower! If the bride-to-be is addicted to the Food Network and has a pile of Gourmet magazines by the door, this may be just the party for her.

For the invitations:
Use a cooking themed invitation or find recipe cards that you can use as invitations. See below for gift theme suggestions to include in the invitations.

For the gifts:
You can suggest that guests follow a number of themes: favorite kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, or even gourmet ingredients! Each one of these themes is affordable and allows the guest to also express some of their own personality with their gift. Another thing that is a great addition is have every guest bring their favorite recipe and make a collection of them for the bride. Just make sure that if you are asking for themed gifts, that you make it clear on the invitations.

For the food:
In keeping with the theme, I think that providing appetizers and desserts that require a bit of interaction are interesting (and gives you an alternative to planning the awkward and cheesetastic shower games). Try fondue, hamburger slider bar, or decorate-your-own sugar cookies.

For the cocktails:
The focus of this party is most definitely the menu, so I would suggest keeping the alcohol simple, such as serving champagne. If you would really like to serve a cocktail, try going retro with gin and tonics or old-fashioneds.

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