Petal Pick: Dahlias for your Wedding Day

When it comes to fall flowers, dahlias are officially hard to beat. Admittedly, I claim these flowers as a favorite on a year-round basis, but they’re particularly pretty in late summer and autumn weddings! From their bright colors to the full, petal-packed shapes of these blooms, this is one flower that can stand alone every bit as well as it can play a supporting actor in your wedding bouquet and arrangements.

Particularly well-loved in the Victorian era, this bud (which can grow up to a foot in diameter. A foot!) is known to signify dignity and elegance, and is also symbolic of the eternal commitment and bonds of love. Can you say wedding-ready? Traditionally, these flowers are even presented to couples at engagement parties and weddings, as well as on anniversaries.

From seasonal arrangements to beautiful bouquets, here are a few of our favorite ways to include this flower in your wedding day. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for additional dahlia inspiration you can always find it right here.

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