Petal Pick: Mums for Your Wedding Day

There’s a reason I love mums – aside from the fact that these flowers are currently blooming like crazy and perfect for fall arrangements. They’re friendly, they’re colorful and they’re kind of perfect for carrying down aisles and lighting up your wedding photos. From bouquets made up of these buds alone to carefully placed pops of color and filler blooms, mums (or chrysanthemums, for those of you on a full-name basis with the flower) run the range of wedding day uses as the ultimate in multi-purpose petals.

These flowers also have a long and (insert foreshadowing here) happy history, and date back to 15th century BC where we learned that their name actually means “golden flower.” Standing in as symbols of joy, truth, optimism and fidelity, mums have their very own annual festival in Japan – the festival of happiness. To quote Meg Ryan’s Sleepless in Seattle alter-ego, Annie, “it’s a sign.”

It’s also an awfully pretty flower to include in one of the most beautiful days of your life. I’m partial to football mums like these, or any combination of mums and dahlias – do you have a favorite?

Here are a couple more lovelies to muse over before you go:

Image credits: Lora Grady Photography // Paul Vincent  // Heather Bliss via Calie Rose Floral & Event Design

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