A Playful Farm Engagement Session from 2&3 Photography

Nick and Nikki’s engagement shoot by 2&3 Photography is almost like two separate sessions. In the first set, they get to run around a farm (photographer Thad’s dad’s place) and play on old-fashioned swings, pull each other in wagons, pose in front of old trucks and just generally have a great time together (and get some adorable shots along the way).

For the second part, they get all gussied up for a series of romantic shots that capture the genuine affection they obviously have for each other. Put the two together and it’s like the perfect marriage of playful and romantic…

And, as if the photos aren’t enough, Nick jumps in and give us all the details on their proposal, the location and how he knew Nikki was the one (sigh).
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How did you two meet?
It was Nikki’s freshman year of college. She had posted on our school message boards for help getting her printer hooked up and I offered to come take a look at it. We hadn’t set up a time for me to come by her dorm yet when we unknowingly sat next to each other in biology lab. We realized who each other was during attendance and I leaned over and asked “Did you get your printer fixed?”. I walked her back to her dorm and we haven’t been able to get rid of each other since. That was almost 8 years ago.

How did you know he/she was “the one”?
We always joke about how different we are, but in the end we share a lot of core values that I guess we couldn’t find in other people. We’ve spent some time apart over the years, but we’ve always loved and cared for each other and that always brought us back together.

Please, tell us about the proposal!
Nikki’s birthday falls on new years eve, so we decided to have a party to celebrate both occasions. We invited 15 or so of our closest friends to the house. Right after the ball drop and new year’s toast I gave a little speech thanking everybody for joining us for a night of many celebrations (NYE, Nikki’s birthday, and my best friends wedding anniversary) and that I wanted to add one more. I turned to Nikki and told her it wasn’t the first NYE/birthday celebration we’ve shared and I didn’t want it to be the last. I pulled out the ring and said, “so I guess you know what this means?”. Her response was, “Okay!” and she gave me a hug. I didn’t get down on one knee or anything, it was kind of informal.

Anything special about the engagement shoot or why you chose the location you did?
Our whole wedding theme is kind of outdoorsy and vintage. Her dress is her mothers wedding dress and her engagement ring is an estate ring from 1950. We’re having our wedding in our backyard and wanted our engagement photos to reflect those themes. Thad mentioned his father’s property and we thought that would be perfect with the older buildings and nearby fields. The shoot was a ton of fun and the photos came out perfect.

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