Pretty, Flirty Wedding Dresses from Ivy and Aster

If I were going to get married on a beach, in the woods, in a garden (really any place at all), I could see wearing one of the dresses from Ivy and Aster’s collection. They’re just so pretty! They feel light and airy and look so easy to wear. And, maybe it’s the sugar from my Cinnamon Toast Crunch talking, but they have a sort of magical quality, don’t they? Like you would feel like a princess on your wedding day, but more the kind that puts flowers behind her ears than wears big tiaras.


They also have a gorgeous line of bridesmaid dresses that have the same flow-y, flirty quality, as well as accessories that would prettify just about anything (this Butterfly Capelet would be perfect for a church wedding).

Dream a Little Dream

In Bloom

Thought of Thee

Love Spell

Flights of Fancy

Morning Glory

Layer Cake

Social Dresses

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Kara Kara is happily married in San Francisco where she occasionally stalks brides and tries to convince them to wear wedding dresses she wishes she could wear herself. She loves sales at Anthropologie, afternoon dance parties with her kids, and encouraging people to talk in funny accents.

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