Princess Lasertron Felt Bridal Accessories


I have seen a lot of bouquets in a lot of different styles, but never have I stumbled upon the likes of Princess Lasertron‘s fun and festive offerings! Megan Hunt, the creative mastermind behind Princess Lasertron, has been busting out her bouquets and bridal accessories since 2005 using felt, vintage buttons, and other ephemera. From bouquets to hairpieces and brooches to gowns, even DIY craft kits, Megan and her team will see to it that you have a customized heirloom piece to enjoy on your special day and for years to come. And, like the name of her business, these cute beauties are anything but ordinary!

wedding-bridal-bouquet-felt-buttons-blue-orange-yellow-gray-princess-lasertronwedding-bridal-bouquet-felt-buttons-blue-white-princess-lasertronpurple-bridesmaid-bouquet-felt-buttons-princess-lasertronA bunch of bridesmaid bouquets.

princess-lasertron-felt-flower-pins-weddingThese pins could make for fun bridesmaid accessories or even cute boutonnieres for some “good sports” groomsmen.

princess-lasertron-felt-wedding-bouquet-animal-child-junior-bridesmaidHow sweet would this style of bouquet be for a junior bridesmaid? Okay, really ‘junior’ but still!

wedding-boutonnieres-felt-buttons-princess-lasertronEven boutonnieres for the boys!

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